World of Warcraft will reduce the cost of gender conversion in Shadowlands

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For now, the only way to change gender in World of Warcraft is to buy a look change from the Blizzard store, which costs £13. At the same time, you can also use the barbershop in the game for free to change many other aspects of the appearance.
This implies essentially the Cheap WOW Classic Gold main thing you can't accomplish for anything is changing sex. In any case, that's, Blizzard has uncovered to me, going to change.
Official maker John Hight let me know in a meeting yesterday you will no longer need to pay to change your character's sexual orientation in the up and coming development Shadowlands. Rather you will have the option to do it at a hairstyling parlor for nothing.
"Quite a while back, we had the capacity for players to go in - it was really a paid help - and change their character. A lot of that is currently in the hair salon in the game," he said. "What's more, as we were including things up in Shadowlands, we understood, 'Gosh the main way you can change your sexual orientation in World of Warcraft is to experience this paid assistance.' And we felt like that is not the correct message.
"Tragically we can't fix that at the present time however it is our plan with Shadowlands to remove that from being a paid help thing and in the hair salon. In any case, that is not something we can without much of a stretch hotfix - sadly we can't do that at this moment. It is something that we will have in Shadowlands itself."
His answer came in the wake of discussing a Shadowlands NPC called Pelagos, who individuals accept maybe the first trans character in the game. Pelagos has a place with the Kyrian pledge you can join in Shadowlands and is a key piece of the story there. He is an applicant attempting to procure his pined for Kyrian wings.
As per a Blizzard post in the WoW gathering a week ago: "Applicants can pick a physical structure that speaks to their actual self. Pelagos, who introduced as a lady in his human life, decided to take care of business in the Shadowlands." MMOWTS is the best way to buy Vanilla WOW Gold. If you want to buy Vanilla WOW Gold, then I suggest you visit MMOWTS.
It's the WOW Classic Gold For Sale first occasion when I can recollect Blizzard openly discussing a trans character, yet as indicated by John Hight, this doesn't really mean Pelagos is the first in the game.


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