How To Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously Without Breaking A Sweat

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Sharing your everyday life is made easier with the popular Instagram stories. This is the reason why Instagram has become among the leading social media websites. But there’s one drawback in utilizing Instagram. You're not permitted to save stories. Without a means of archiving what you have posted during the last 24 hours, you  run a risk of losing them all. When you have an interest in keeping your Instagram stories we are going to share a number of techniques on how to apply Instagram stories viewer.

Download Instagram Stories you Made for the Day
The videos published in a day can be downloaded as one Instagram stories video. This means that replaying them for potential use usually takes a while as stories are saved together. There is a need to watch all videos to see what you want. But it is a far better choice than simply losing them. Anytime of the day, you can see the video anywhere you are. Below we will assist you on how to save your day-to-day stories as a video.

Search for the “Your Story” button. That’s what you need to do first. On your feed, you can commonly view it on the upper left part. 3 dots can be tapped as soon as you click the button. You'll then see more choices. We are searching for the Save Story choice to save the video. It may take some time to render your video. Your video will now be ready to play anytime you need it.

Download Instagram Stories One at a time
Should you have noticed in the prior procedure there was several Save option. This is what we'll use to download individual clips of your Instagram stories instead of a complete recording. This method is opposite to the first method and the process is easy to follow. On the Save button options, select Save Video, not the Save Story option. This will enable you to focus on just one moment or picture rather than saving the whole day. If you are successful in saving a single clip, you later view it in your collections of Photos or Camera Roll.

Download Instagram Stories Utilizing Someone else Account
Saving Instagram stories utilizing another account is simple and for whatever reason why do it is none of our concern. Third-party site is required to do it. They all function in more or less the same way, so all you should do is select your favorite and you’re all set to go.

Third Party Site Download Guide
Be prepared of the username or the profile URL. Various websites have various requirements, so you’d far better check out which they need before you start. Soon after providing the required information, you may select the story you wanted to download. You can see a “Save” option. Tap it and you are done. Save the video on the folder where you would like it to open later.


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