Is Delhi about to Crumble by the Turbulence of Covid-19 and Air Pollution?

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With the widespread growth of Covid-19 cases, Delhi has snatched the record of most of the cities to become one of the highest coronavirus contagious cities in the world. Nowadays, Delhi also kickstarts its day with the increasing pollution, as well as, an increasing number of deaths.

This turbulence has shaken the lives of most people in Delhi. However, the interesting fact is there are some people in Delhi and the outskirts of Delhi who are least worried about the pandemic. These people’s carelessness has resulted in an uprise of cases as they have now become the carrier of the Covid-19 virus.

We being the responsible citizens of the country, needs to realize that we are on the verge of pushing ourselves to a kind of life we never even want our enemies to lead. But yes, cities like Delhi need to understand it first, where the death rate, the spread of the Covid-19, and pollution are going hand in hand to climb to the crest.



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