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She wanted him to fuck her in the ass so badly but didn't know how to get him to. She wanted him to take it, to claim her. She fantasized about it constantly. 

Sometimes she fantasized that he did it gently, easing her into it with a back massage and a lot of lube. 

Sometimes she just wanted him to surprise her by slipping into her ass as he took her doggystyle. He'd pretend it was an accident and she'd pretend not to like it as he couldn't help but finish inside her.

She didn't expect it to happen the way it finally did. When she was nearly passed out on the bed after a night of drinking too many cosmos. He finally made his move when he thought she wouldn't remember. But even though Ali was indeed awake, she never let on that she was...until she could hide it no longer.

He entered the room silently and undressed completely before climbing into bed behind her. Ali had nearly fallen asleep but was suddenly excited by his warm body. She sighed sleepily and snuggled back against him. She had torn off her dress on the way to the bed and only her hip hugging cheeky panties remained.

He felt the smooth satin material on his cock and unconsciously pushed forward, "Mnnh," he moaned as he realized how horny he was. He reached around to play with Ali's tits, hoping to rouse her into letting him fuck her. After a few minutes of tugging and pinching, he received no response.

Ali fought the urge to moan and thrust her ass back on his cock as he became increasingly aggressive with her hard nipples. It felt so fucking good when he squeezed them harder. He kissed her back and groaned impatiently in her ear. 

He decided to see just how out of it she was and was getting horny at the thought of taking her without her knowing. He pulled her panties down with a forceful tug and shoved his hand between her legs. He was delighted to find her soaking wet.

He thrust his cock into her in one swift move and held still inside her wet pussy. Ali softly sighed but didn't move. He started thrusting and pushed her completely onto her stomach. He looked at her ass and rubbed it, pulling her cheeks apart and squeezing as he thrust harder.

Ali loved when he grabbed her ass and wished he'd shove his thumb into it or at least tease her there. Just as she was thinking this, she felt his hands start to explore her ass more and his thumb started stroking her hole up and down, gathering juice from her pussy. 

She almost screamed when he finally pushed his thumb deeper, past the tight barrier. Now he stopped thrusting, just focusing on pushing his thumb as far in as it would go. Ali remained still and tried not to clench her ass in protest. She wanted to see how far he would go.

Once his thumb was fully inside, he pulled it out slowly. He grunted and boldly pushed two fingers into her ass while he stroked his cock with his other hand. 

"Mmm, I'm going to fuck your tight ass baby." He leaned over and whispered in her ear as he shoved back into her pussy, gathering her natural lube. Ali tried her hardest to keep from grinding back onto his hard cock. 

He removed the fingers from her ass and she let out a barely audible whimper, wanting to cry out for him to take her tight little ass. She almost did until she felt his bulbous tip, pressing with increasing intensity in between her cheeks as he spread them apart with his hands. 

Ali tried her best not to resist, willing her ass to open up for him. She gently pushed back against him and he suddenly entered her so slowly, an inch at a time. "Fuck." He said when his balls finally slapped against her.

Ali let out a scream as she suddenly began climaxing around him. It was like no other orgasm she'd had and her body continued to quake as he thrust in and out hard, "I knew you'd been wanting this...you dirty, dirty girl." 

He became the wild animal she'd been longing for, unrelenting in his ass fucking, while he reached under to tug at her nipples. She came for the second time as he whispered that he was going to cum in her ass and she felt his explosion, warm inside of her.

She pretended to be mad at him but he could tell she wanted to do it again when he came home the next night to her passed out naked on the bed, ass in the air. He took her again that night, and the next, and the day after that. It became a game they played. assfuckingtube.xxx


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