POE Builds: My Way or The Highway to Hell

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Updated: Feb 14, 2020, 1:56:23 AM

Finding and slotting skill gems into gear, that is linked to combine their effects, permits you to create a mind-boggling number of active abilities. I don’t think I’ve experienced a system that grants more freedom in designing a character. It brings about some satisfying “Ah-ha!” moments, like when I realized I could set certain enemy-debuffing spells to automatically cast when I scored a crucial hit, or give my area-of-effect attacks a vampiric healing aspect.

This could be a burden, though. Since the colour of gem slots along with the number of links together on gear is randomized, obtaining a piece of loot that looks like an upgrade can become a frustrating roadblock. If it doesn’t possess the exact same color slots as being the one it’s replacing, or if they’re you cannot assume all linked properly, you might have to farm uncommon orbs to randomly reroll the slots onto it several times before you can in fact use it. Otherwise, you happen to be faced with the no-win range of breaking your whole build in the interest of higher stats. When you want to Buy POE Currency and POE Items, I think you should visit MMOAH. Their POE trade is safe and cheap. Buy cheapest POE Currency from MMOAH!

And the truth is, only a tiny proportion of the seemingly infinite quantity of possible builds are endgame-viable. I eventually found myself semi-railroaded into certain tree choices and tactics that may not have come naturally. In order to survive later acts and post-campaign areas, only really tanky setups that stack health, elemental resistance, and/or buffs for your recharging overshield will let you survive. This increased exposure of defense even extends to the moment-to-moment gameplay in annoying ways; I discovered many guides encouraging me to “piano your flasks,” that's almost what it sounds like: semi-mindlessly mashing the 1-5 keys that includes refillable healing items during tense melees, a tedious little bit of POE Orbs flailing which is absolutely necessary to survival at higher levels.

If you would like to be far from a brick wall, you should check off your complete basically mandatory brick wall abilities first and then you incorporate some freedom to visit your own means for the last 40 away from 100 levels or possibly even longer. Realizing that a lot late can often mean starting across when you’ve already sunk a lot of hours to a character, or spending huge amounts of time farming things that allow you to respec your build one skill point at the same time. If these progression choices have right and wrong answers, could they be really choices by any means?


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