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Sharon took of her clothes showing of her beautiful Asian breasts.

Sharon was trained now to eagerly following his every every instruction no matter how depraved it was. He watched her lean over in the back seat of the limousine and open her beautiful red lips and put them around his huge cock.

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"Here is a new pretty necklace for you my sexy slut."

Andrew showed it to Sharon and fastened the large black leather choker around her neck. On the front in already glittering letters was the word SLUT.

"Oh thank you so much Sir".

Sharon took a quick breather and then continued blowing him while keeping eye contact and smiling at him.

"You deserve it. Do you think your new friend is ready for us when we arrive?"

Andrew was referring to the fiancé of the CEO of the supplier to the company he now owned here in Japan. Ever since the weeks back when he first met and fucked Sharon he had planned for the next in his ruthless business plan.

The plan was simple. For the company to make more money Andrew needed two things, for the supplier to cut prizes and he needed new foreign investment. Investment now in the form of his friend and business partner Chris that also would be arriving at the home.

To cut prizes Andrew used and blackmail the wives, girlfriends or fiancés of tough male negotiators. It had been a ruthless efficient way for Andrew in the past to get the business deals he wanted. He also felt a great satisfaction in turning the men into weak wimps in front of their girls.

To also set up these meeting at the very homes of the men he wanted to cuckold was also important, to remove them from their power position in their office to the much more personal space in their home.

To also set up where Chris his investor and him could seduce the woman in home and together make the deal more lucrative was also a great idea. This woman Andrew was heading to meet today, the fiancé of the supplier, would be the first time they met. He had only seen her in the photos Sharon had sent him.

Sharon knew her well however as she had been instructed by Andrew to step by step first contacting the fiancé then befriending her and giving her ideas and prepping her for the first time she would meet Andrew.

"Oh yes she was quite eager to meet the handsome foreigner 'Andrew'. She is so naive and young, she will not a stand a chance against your naughty thoughts Sir!"

Andrew leaned closer to Sharon and whispered in her ear.

"Oh you slut, did you also know that your dear husband is sitting in the very front of this very limousine right now watching you with my cock in your mouth? He will also need to be there for the pleasant negotiations."

Sharon glanced over to the front of the limousine still sucking but it was not possible for the passengers to see the driver or the person sitting next to the driver. But the people in the front had a good view of the passengers they were driving.

Andrew picked up his phone and called the husband in the front of him that he had named Cucky. Cucky picked up immediately.

"Hello Cucky, have you left the office yet? Make sure you leave soon so that you will on time for our business meeting. Me and your pretty wife are going there right now, as well as our supplier, his fianceé and my investor-friend Chris."

Andrew enjoyed pretending that Cucky's wife did not know what a cuckold wimp he was. Cucky sounded very sad on the phone. Was he crying?

"Oh please sir you know very well I am in the front of the limousine right now watching you. Please take your p-p-penis out of my wifes mouth sir I beg you..."

"Excellent Cucky! Yes, I will see you there! Have you finished all the work I sent to you?"

Andrew looked over at Sharon, pretended to cover the phone with his hand.

"Hey Japanese slut get over here in my lap and ride my cock bitch!"

Sharon took of her tiny black g-string and dropped it to the floor of the limousine and backed up into Andrew's lap putting his cock inside of her riding him up and down while facing to the front of the limousine.

Andrew loved the feeling of her tight asian pussy gripping around his huge cock. She felt like a horney virgin every time he fucked her and she just couldn't get enough of him. That her husband was watching him just made him feel more manly.

"Tell me how much you love my cock slut!"

"Oh god yes Andrew sir I love it so much oh my god it is so big! Oh oh oh!!"

"Haha so much bigger than your tiny husband!"

"Yes oh oh yes yes! Ten times bigger! His tiny thing will never satisfy me!!"

"Yeah I will ruin you bitch!"

Andrew continued fucking Sharon hard for another 20 minutes until they arrived at the residential area changing the paste from brutal fucking to slow and back to brutal again.

Sharon moved to pick up her underwear and exit the taxi on unsteady legs but Andrew stopped her and put the underwear in his pocket.

Sharon giggled and put her bra back on and buttoned some of the buttons on her white shirt. She would have to go naked under her short black skirt.

As Andrew exited the limousine Cucky came out having just exited from the front of the limousine. Andrew pretended like Cucky had just arrived with a different taxi.

"Ah Cucky, perfect timing for you to join us! I just had a entertaining ride with your dear wife haha. Oh what is this?"

Andrew pretended to see something on the ground in front of the limousine and took out the tiny black gstring that Sharon had been wearing before he fucked her.

"Hey Cucky look at this some slut dropped her underwear here on the street. I wonder what kind of slut would walk around without underwear?! Why don't you be a good boy and keep them for now and find a place to dispose of them."

Andrew handed his wifes underwear over to him making his face turn red. Andrew turned to Sharon putting his large hand on her hip.

"You Sharon would never dream of being so naughty and walk naked under your skirt right?!"

"Oh no Sir I am a good Japanese girl I would never dream of it Sir". Sharon blushed and put both her hands over her short skirt.

The residential area they were in was one of the nicest areas in Tokyo with beautiful expensive houses all the way down the street. They were perfectly kept with nice beautiful gardens and spot clean pavement.

The area was fairly empty but in the front of the house were two men waiting for them, one tall muscular American man and a older Japanese businessman almost half as short as the American next to him.

Andrew immediately recognized the american man as Chris his investor and friend and he walked over and gave him a strong warm hug. He looked almost exactly like famous actor Chris Hemsworth. The other man was the Japanese supplier that was standing outside of his own home. Andrew shook his hand quickly and roughly shaking him about and then ignored him.

Cucky walked over to them with his wife Sharon and everyone shook hands. Chris kissed Sharon on the sheek, squeezed her butt and gave her an evil smile.

"You must be the beautiful Sharon, I have heard so many fun things about you from Andrew haha!"

Chris held Sharon's face in his hands stroking her lip with his large finger. Next to him Cucky started talking to Supplier in Japanese looking surprised. Andrew interrupted them.

"No no, don't be rude. Only speak English now so everyone understands. I know both of your English is not great but your wives can translate for you."

"Oh ok Sir Andrew I just, I just ask why he was s-s-standing outside of his own home waiting and not inside with his f-f-fiancé?"

Cucky looked confused and had some trouble with the English words. Andrew smiled and turned to Supplier already knowing the answer.

"So Supplier, I will call you Supplier from now on since your foreign names is too strange for me. Why are you standing outside waiting?"

"Oh I-I well I just arrived like you did, I s-s-spend almost every day at the o-o-office and very little time with my fiancé you see. It was over two weeks since I last saw her. Very busy yes."

Supplier had even worse English than Cucky and was having real stress finding how to speak.

All four of them walked up to the front door together after him. Andrew walked first and after him Sharon, Chris, Supplier and Cucky. Andrew knocked hard and smiled as he waited to meet the new wife for the first time.

Opening the door was the most pretty asian woman Andrew had ever seen.

She was standing in a pair of black stiletto heels, black mini ruffle skirt and a pink crop top leaving her thin belly and shoulders naked.


The pink top was so tight and thin that it clearly showed her nipples. She was not wearing any bra.

Her face was really young and cute. Maybe in her early 20ish but looking much younger. She had a innocent smile, happy eyes and long straight black asian hair.

She looked almost exactly like asian pornstar Nicoline Yiki.

Andrew walked over and gave her a really really long hug pressing her warm body against his for the longest time. She smelled like strawberries. Andrew released the strong hug but kept holding her naked shoulders as she started talking.


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